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Bahrain Human Rights Report

Bahrain human rights report

The United States Department of State has released the 2015 Country Report on Human Rights Practices. While we welcome the comprehensive report, we have a few concerns about Bahrain and other GCC member states. Here are some of our concerns: (1) Bahrain’s government continues to abuse human rights; (2) the government has not fully addressed the issue of torture; and (3) Bahrain’s government continues to repress civil society.

Bahrain’s use of torture has a corrosive effect on citizens’ lives and contributes to other gross human rights violations. Other rights violated include freedom of expression, peaceful association, and the right to a fair trial. This report calls for the Bahraini government to take action to protect these rights.

– The government lacks accountability for torture perpetrators. In March 2011, Mohammed Sultan was subjected to a brutal crackdown on protesters, which included martial law. He was assaulted and beaten by ten police officers. He was blindfolded and repeatedly threatened with torture. The government also failed to hold police accountable for violating his human rights.

– Bahrain’s police and security forces have been accused of committing grave violations of human rights. As a result, the country is still struggling with a human rights crisis. According to the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory, there have been at least eight deaths since the 2011 protests. In addition to beatings and birdshot, the police used tear gas and improvised explosive devices to suppress protesters.