What to Look for in a Lighting Design Company

The field of lighting design company is an important aspect of architectural design. It is an art that focuses on the effects of light on a space, the color appearance of objects and the way that light affects people.

What are the factors considered for good lighting design?

The International Association of Lighting Designers was established in 1969 to promote excellence in the field. It has over 1,200 members throughout the world. Members must abide by the code of ethics and be professional in all areas of their practice.

Lighting designers advise architects and interior designers on the use of light and other factors in their projects. They help ensure that their designs are practical and will provide the desired atmosphere.

A lighting design firm can have a number of business models. Some work independently. These individuals don’t sell or distribute products but rather act as an advocate for their clients. Their services include lighting design, lamp evaluation and maintenance documentation.

Some firms are primarily focused on commercial projects. They may take part in awards programs to demonstrate their expertise.

Another approach is to collaborate with companies around the world. Graypants has offices in Seattle and Amsterdam. Founded by Yoshinori Kuno, the company offers underwater lighting expertise to their design practice.

Alternatively, you can hire an independent lighting consultant. These individuals offer lighting design free of conflicts of interest. Oftentimes, they will work with you to suggest products that are available on the market.

A designer may recommend techniques to reduce installation costs or to avoid permitting delays. They may also be able to suggest distributors to obtain competitive bids.