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The objective of the Society is to contribute towards raising the standards of democratic practice in the Kingdom, to form an integrated and balanced model, based on the spread of freedoms, guarantee of political pluralism,respect for the rule of law and to guarantee the right to political, civil, economic, social and cultural development.

BHRWS to act as Watchdog
The Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS) said yesterday that it will be monitoring the commitment of several parties in society towards creating an environment that is conducive to dialogue .The BHRWS yesterday called upon all members of society to take responsibility for the security of the Kingdom. In a statement issued on the eve of the lifting of the state of National Safety, Secretary General of the society Faisal Fulad said that the state of National Safety was put in place to ensure safety and security for all and to protect the political, economic and social developments that the Kingdom has achieved. The secretary general revealed that the society will be working in the coming period to monitor the behaviour of all parties in society and ensure that each is taking on its responsibility of promoting dialogue for the good of the nation.BHRWS has formed a monitoring committee consisting og 90 Bahraini volunteers and 26 foreigners.Mr Fulad warned all parties to refrain from any actions that may threaten the security and safety of the public and their freedoms.

Our Mission

BHRWS seeks to play its role in consolidating the principles of human rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain, at both the thought and practice levels.It endeavors to stop and eradicate all effects of any violation of those rights, and to guarantee non-discrimination between citizens on the basis of race, language, religion, sex or opinion.

Our Values

Consolidation of the principles of human rights in the Kingdom inspired by the message of all divine faiths , the values of human heritage , the Kingdom's constitution, the rules and concepts of the National Action Charter and principles adopted by international covenants and conventions. Strive for membership of the Kingdom in regional and international conventions and agreements concerning human rights.